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5 Reasons Why IPTV Is The Future Of Entertainment In 2022

Although IPTV services are already present in the vast number of homes all across the globe, many people are not familiar with the type of experience it offers. Namely, multiple families are using this type of utility without knowing that they are a part of this form of the entertainment industry. Although the reasons for using this modern form of accommodation are numerous, the IPTV industry is yet to expand according to its potentials and reach its peak, since the number of users experiencing the benefits of this particular form is growing every day.

Since smart devices have become our everyday companions and a necessary tool used both at home and work, watching television became somewhat obsolete. Sure, we all have our big screens now and surround systems providing unique audio-visual experience altogether, but the purpose of tv as a source of information got lost on the way.

The level of interaction with the sole device is something that tv could not offer. Sure, you could have recorded your favorite tv show to watch it whenever you want, but that particular technology became old-fashioned. Thanks to the IPTV, you can enjoy your favorite shows and episodes, and whatever else comes to your mind, in a bit more contemporary manner.

You may not know about IPTV, but the chances that you are already using one of its services are great. Namely, one of the most known online platforms for streaming content, Netflix, offers its services as a part of the IPTV supply. Therefore, we shall try to explain to you what is IPTV exactly and what does it offer.

What is IPTV

IPTV is an abbreviation of Internet Protocol Television, so you can easily conclude that for the utilizing of IPTV you need to have established internet connection. So, the approach to the material you want to watch is different from that of the tv. Therefore, you have to receive signals sent either via cable network or via satellite in order to watch regular tv, hence you can’t choose what to watch but are restricted to the material being emitted by the broadcaster.

How it Works

IPTV works in a different manner. Namely, in order to provide you with the content of your choice, data is sent and received using internet. Therefore, you are not dependent on the use of cable network and satellite connection, unless that is the way you are connected to the internet. Since IPTV mostly utilizes video on demand and time shifted media other than broadcasting material according to a certain scheme, this type of communication requires regular signals to be transcoded to the IP recognizable in order to be viewed. What is important is that you do not need to watch the broadcast but inform your provider about what content you want to watch so they could provide you with it.

What do You Need to Watch IPTV?

If you want to watch your IPTV on your PC you will not have to do a thing, since these two are compatible. Same goes for smartphones and other mobile devices. On the other hand, if you want to watch the program on your TV, in nine out of ten times you will need a set-top box. This gadget is required since not all tv sets are equipped for receiving the internet signal, and the its only purpose is to enable the appropriate transcoding.

Since IPTV needs a great deal of transmission capacity, there are multiple broadcasting companies adopting a combined form of set-top boxes, where they never stop broadcasting but enable you to use the benefits of the IPTV. Using the box enables the providers to broaden their offering later on, without additional expanses, enabling the users to advance from traditional to a more modern model.


Video on demand delivers exactly what its name stands for. Namely, you will be enabled to watch any video that you have previously asked for. So next time you come across a movie streaming website, you will know how it works. There are no limitations time-wise on what you can watch if the provider has legal rights to secure you with your material. So, your order, you receive and you watch. Simple as that. Many providers offer trial periods so you can experience what they have prepared for you. You may visit to inform yourself more about the subject.

Time-Shifted Media

This specific feature of IPTV enables you to watch something that you could not manage to do at the time it was broadcasted. Since it is quite similar to VOD there is one major difference. Namely, when you demand a video you may do it all over again, but when you use time-shifted media you may roll the broadcasting back up to a limited period. For the most providers, that period does not exceed a week time, but there are different companies offering different packages.


This form of broadcasting does not differ much from the live tv, apart from the material can be streamed on your tablet, PC, or another mobile device. This is widely used when there are certain sport events taking place and when waiting to see what happened does not have that much sense. You are definitely not limited to streaming sport venues solely, but you may use this service as much as you want.

Up to this date it remains unknown how many both users and providers of IPTV are out there. One thing is certain and that is they are flourishing. New technologies offer various opportunities and this is how utilizing benefits of the new era should have been done. On the other hand, certain personas try to take advantage of this system and tend to share material they do not own the rights for. This is a violation of the law and is a form of cyber-criminal activities.

Even though the number of providers offering IPTV services has been rising consequently for the past years, it is yet to be spread worldwide, since it is a dominant form of entertainment and the services it offers are not to be compared with the competition.

Whether you want to watch a game from the last night, or you feel like binge-watching your favorite show for a whole day, IPTV will meet your wants and needs; all you need to do is to demand! Not only will you be able to choose what you watch and when, but you will be also allowed to stream live events, therefore the need for the good old regular tv will almost completely be gone.

Be prepared for an interesting future of entertainment tailored according to your desires. Yet, one thing remains uncertain and that is if the TV shows should change their name to IPTV shows. Stay tuned, we shall have the answer pretty soon.


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